Great Ways to Honor Our Soldiers Memorial Day Weekend

This Memorial Day weekend, do something special to honor our soldiers. When you’re not relaxing with friends or enjoying fireworks, it’s a great time to pay respects at a memorial event. Because Severna Park is close to a few major cities, including Annapolis, Baltimore, and D.C., there are plenty of ways to remember the fallen. No matter what your plans are, it’s easy to make time to recognize the holidays’ meaning. Here are just a few ways to observe this special day.

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Must-See NFL Games This Season

must-see NFL games feature

You finally get to break out your fan gear from the back of the closet and stock up on some cold ones. And when Sundays come around, your schedule is already booked. There’s a lot of excitement ahead for the 2018 NFL season with games you won’t want to miss. If you’re not at the stadium, come to Adam’s to catch the latest scores and cheer for your favorite teams. Our TVs play all the must-see NFL games. Here’s what’s coming up.

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5 Maryland Breweries You Should Try

Maryland breweries Feature

Maryland is home to dozens of local breweries, as the demand for craft beer continues to rise. One of the main attractions being that local breweries typically offer tours of their buildings to showcase the process behind their product. And, best of all, some of the breweries are attached to Tap Houses or restaurants where patrons can taste the beers in a one-of-a-kind bar atmosphere. All in all, there is one thing we know for sure, people are passionate about their Maryland breweries and it’s not slowing down anytime soon. Here are our top 5 Maryland breweries to watch out for.

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The Old Mill Steel Drum Band

Old Mill Steel Drum Band

At Adam’s Grille, we love to get involved and show our love and support for our community. One of our favorite ways to do that is through the endorsement of the Old Mill Steel Drum Band. We are very proud to raise proceeds and awareness of our favorite local band. Be sure to check them out during their next show, and tell them that Adam’s sent you!

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Most Returned Holiday Gifts (And What to Get Instead)

Woman with returned holiday gifts

It’s officially December and the holiday shopping season is finally here. But, beware of purchasing gifts that are likely to be returned soon after you gift them with a meticulously-placed red bow. Every year, there are certain family and friends that are notoriously difficult to shop for, and you want to give them something meaningful that they will treasure. While you may discover that one needle in a haystack, you may find it much easier to stick to the basics. Here are a few commonly returned holiday gifts that you should avoid at all costs while scouring the malls for that perfect present.

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7 Awesome Holiday Gift Ideas for 2017

holiday gift ideas bear claws

You’ve probably heard it before: “You don’t have to spend a ton of money to find the perfect holiday gift.” However, there’s a good chance that you have given, or perhaps received, your fair share of cheap, meaningless gifts. So, to avoid purchasing those unwanted gifts, we have narrowed down our favorites for 2017. For just under $25, you can impress even the most finicky of friends and family. These seven awesome holiday gift ideas are suitable for nearly everyone on your list.

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9 Popular Football Foods

Wings football foods

Football season is back and it’s here to stay. And, if there’s one thing that can complement a Sunday afternoon football session, it’s delicious food. So, whether you’re hosting a party at home, or you’re watching the games from the bar, the football food should always be on point. Here are the top 9 foods that you should be eating while binging on America’s favorite sport.

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Beers Explained – Ales, Lagers and More

craft beer

Beer is bliss. And, we say with certainty that it’s delightful to sip a cold one on occasion. So, it doesn’t come as a surprise that America is home to more beer styles and brands than any other market in the world. But with over 100 varieties of beer, your brain probably can’t handle all of that beer knowledge. Luckily, we have the cliff notes on everything you need to know about beer types; the ales, lagers, malts, etc. That way, the next time you hit the bars with your buddies, you can tell them all about that tasty beer right before you shotgun it.

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