Adam’s Taphouse and Grille

Menu selections may vary slightly by location. Please call your local Adam’s for specials and specific menu items. Pricing and descriptions subject to change.

Appetizers & Light Fare

Adam’s Tumbleweed – $8.99
Seasoned fried onion straws with fried jalapeno peppers

Spiced Steamed Shrimp
Half Pound $15.99 
One Pound $24.99

Bacon Cheddar Skins – $13.99
Potato skins topped with bacon and cheddar cheese. Served with sour cream

Raw Veggies and Dip – $10.50
Carrots, celery, cucumbers, tri-colored peppers and grape tomatoes served with ranch dip.

Chips and Dip – $10.50
Fresh tortilla chips served with queso and salsa

Adams Hot Crab Dip – $17.99
Served with sliced baguette

Hush Puppies – $7.99
Ten cornbread balls, deep fried and served with homemade cinnamon butter

Steak Nachos – $15.99
Thinly sliced Philly steak over fresh tortilla chips, served with shredded lettuce, diced tomatoes, jalapenos, cheddar cheese, and a tangy BBQ sauce

Crab Pretzel – $16.99
Our homemade crab dip served over an oven baked pretzel

Fresh Mozzarella  – $10.99
Breaded & Fried, served with marinara sauce

Chili Con Queso – $10.99
Our homemade chili blended with our nacho cheese, served with fresh corn tortilla chips

Seared Ahi Tuna – $17.99
Thinly sliced ahi tuna seared rare, served with a side of wasabi sauce

Adam's Grille & Taphouse Grilled Chicken Salad
Adam’s Grilled Chicken Breast Salad
Adam's Grille & Taphouse Severna Park Half Chicken
Adam’s Half Chicken Platter
Adam's Severna Park Wings
Adam’s Spicy Wings

All Adam’s wings are made fresh and served with celery and your choice of blue cheese or ranch dressing.

Adam’s Fried Wings – $15.50
Your choice of Hot, Mild, Honey BBQ, Chesapeake or Wing of the Week flavor.

Gator Wings – $17.50
Eight wings baked, simmered in beer and gator sprinkle. Then grilled in our famous Hawg sauce.

Smoked Wings – $17.99
Eight marinated & smoked wings tossed in our homemade smoke sauce.

Hog Wings – $15.50
Three grilled portions of bone-in pork from the shank end of a fresh ham. Served with your choice of sauce

Boneless Wings – $15.50
Ten boneless chicken wings tossed in our hot, mild or honey BBQ sauce.or hot sauce. 

Soups & Salads

All of our soups are made on the premises using only the finest ingredients.

Soup of the Day 
*Priced Daily

Homemade Chili – $7.50
Using Adam’s own house recipe.
*Add cheese and onions*

Homemade Chicken Noodle – $6.99

Garden Salad – $6.99

Caesar Salad – $7.99

Chef Salad – $13.99
Tossed garden salad served with ham, turkey, provolone cheese, and egg

Grilled Chicken Breast Salad with House Marinade – $14.99
Served over a garden salad or a Caesar salad with a bread stick

Adam’s Steak Salad – $19.99
Slices of tender New York strip steak served over your choice of a large garden salad with a balsamic vinaigrette and parmesan cheese; or a Caesar salad

Chicken or Tuna Salad – $13.99
Tossed garden salad served with Adam’s homemade chicken salad or tuna salad

Grilled Ahi Tuna Steak Salad – $19.99
6 oz. Ahi tuna steak grilled with lemon herb butter. Served over a garden salad or a Caesar salad with a bread stick

Chicken Fajita Salad – $15.99
Tossed greens, black olives, jalapenos, cheddar cheese, sliced fajita seasoned chicken, salsa and sour cream in a tortilla shell

Crab Cake Salad –
Market Price

BBQ’d Ribs & Chicken

All platters served with choice of two sides.

BBQ’d Baby Back Ribs
Full Rack Platter – $26.99
Just Ribs: Full Rack – $22.99
Small Rack Platter – $21.99
Just the Ribs: Small Rack – $17.99

BBQ’d Chicken
Half Chicken Platter – $15.99
Just Chicken: Half Chicken – 11.99
Ribs and Chicken Combo – $28.99
Small rack of ribs and half BBQ’d chicken

Adam's Grille Severna Park Ribs
Adam’s Whole Rack Platter
Steaks & Seafood

All steaks cut fresh and chargrilled to your specifications and served with your choice of two sides.

New York Strip Steak – $31.99
14 oz. choice cut from the short loin
With compound butter. $32.99

Steak and Shrimp – $32.99
8 oz. center cut sirloin and shrimp scampi

BBQ’d Shrimp – $24.99
Nine large skewered grilled and BBQ’d shrimp wrapped in bacon

BBQ’d Shrimp and Ribs – $29.99
Three skewered shrimp and a half rack of ribs

*BBQ by the Bay – $35.99
Half pound of ribs, 5 oz. crab cake, 3 fried shrimp

Adam’s Pork Chop Ribeye – $18.99
Boneless 8oz. cut grilled in your choice of BBQ sauce, bourbon sauce or house marinade

Adam’s Smoked Beef Brisket– $20.99
8oz. of our dry rubbed smoked brisket, drizzled with our homemade tangy bourbon smoke sauce

*Crab Cake with Any Entree – Market Price
Add a skewer of shrimp for $7.99

Tenderloin – $27.99
8 oz. choice cut from the short loin

Fresh Grilled Salmon – $22.99
8 oz. fillet grilled with a lemon herb butter

Grilled Ahi Tuna – $21.99
10 oz. Ahi tuna steak grilled with a lemon herb butter. “Dolphin Safe”

BBQ’d Shrimp and Chicken – $23.99
Three skewered shrimp and a half BBQ’d chicken

Center Cut Sirloin – $Market Price
8 oz. center cut

*Rack and Cake – Market Price
Half rack of baby ribs served with 5 oz. Maryland crab cake

*Crab Cake Platter – Market Price
Two 5 oz. jumbo lump crab cakes. Single platter Market Price

Jumbo Fried Shrimp – $24.99
10 Large gulf shrimp breaded and fried to golden brown and served with cocktail sauce

Adams Severna Park Ribs and Shrimp
Adam’s Shrimp & Ribs
Adam's Severna Park Steak
Adam’s NY Strip Steak
Adam's Grille & Taphouse Severna Park Grilled Salmon
Adam’s Fresh Grilled Salmon
Adam's Grille and Taphouse Severna Park Pulled Pork Sandwich
Adam’s Pulled Pork Sandwich
Adam's Grille and Taphouse Severna Park Burger
Adam’s Classic Burger

Served with fries and slaw.

Adam’s Smoked Beef Brisket – $15.99
Sliced & house smoked brisket topped with our homemade smoke sauce

*Adam’s Classic Burger – $15.99
Served with sautéed onions, mushrooms, and provolone cheese

*Burgers – $14.99
8 oz. of fresh ground chuck steak grilled to your specification and served on a Brioche roll with lettuce, tomato, onion, pickle, and mayo on the side.
With cheese – $15.99
With Nacho cheese – $15.99

The New Yorker – $19.99
6 oz. of our strip steak char-grilled to your liking with sautéed onions, mushrooms, and provolone cheese. Served on a baguette with lettuce, tomato, pickle, and mayo on the side

Crab Cake – Market Price
5 oz. lump and jumbo lump cake served on a soft roll

Pulled Pork BBQ – $12.99
Tender braised pork pulled from the bone, chopped and piled high on a French round roll with Adam’s BBQ sauce
With Adam’s Pig Pickin’ sauce for $12.99
With Adam’s Hawg Sauce for $12.99

Grilled Chicken Breast – $12.99
Served on a French round roll with Adam’s BBQ sauce
With BBQ sauce, grilled ham and Swiss cheese for $13.99
With house marinade and ranch dressing for $12.99

Grilled Ahi Tuna Steak – $18.99
6 oz. Ahi tuna steak grilled with lemon herb butter. Served on a Brioche roll. “Dolphin Safe”

Buffalo Chicken Breast – $13.99
Deep fried chicken breast dipped in our buffalo wing sauce

Deli Sandwiches

Served with fries & coleslaw.

Stacked Ham – $12.99

Smoked Turkey – $13.99

Stacked Beef – $13.99

Hot Pastrami – $13.99

Chicken Salad – $12.99

Italian Cold Cut – $13.99

Tuna Salad – $12.99

Haynie Special – $14.99
Hot pastrami on toasted rye. Topped with mustard, onions, melted Swiss cheese and coleslaw

On The Side

Coleslaw 2.99
Baked Potato 3.75
Applesauce 2.99
Potato Salad 3.75
Sweet Potato Fries 3.75
BBQ’d Baked Beans 3.75
Order of Fries 2.99
Mashed Potatoes and Gravy 3.75
Vegetable of the Day 3.75
Baked Sweet Potato 3.75

Side Orders

10 years and under All children’s meals served with a brownie or Oreo cookie

Hamburger with Fries – $8.99
Cheeseburger with Fries – $9.99
All Beef Frank – $7.99
served with fries
Macaroni and Cheese – $8.99
Small BBQ’d Pork Sandwich – $8.99
served with fries
*Chicken Tenders – $10.99
*served with fries & applesauce
*Shrimp Basket – $10.99

*served with fries and applesauce


Free refills on coffee, tea, and sodas
All for $2.99
Fresh Ground Coffee
Assorted Juices

* Consuming raw or undercooked meat or poultry may increase your risk of contracting a food-borne illness.