Woman with returned holiday gifts

Ever get a gift you didn’t really love? Don’t make that same mistake with your friends this holiday season.

Most Returned Holiday Gifts (And What to Get Instead)

It’s officially December and the holiday shopping season is finally here. And, with that comes gift giving. Having been on the receiving end of some shoddy gifts yourself, you like to take time in picking the right gifts. Nonetheless, certain family and friends are notoriously difficult to shop for, and you always end up scrambling to find last-minute gifts. While there’s a chance you will find that needle in a haystack, it’s probably easier to stick to the basics. Here are a few commonly returned holiday gifts that you should avoid at all costs while scouring the malls for that perfect present. (And some suggestions that may work instead.)

DON’T: Clothes – DO: Gift Cards

Unless your family members are under the age of 5, it’s hard to shop for individual clothing styles. Especially athletic gear. So, it’s not too surprising that athletic gear and clothing make up some of the most returned presents each year. Most of the time we end up buying the wrong size, the wrong color, or a style that your friend would never wear. Rather, opt for gift cards from specific stores that you know they will like. Gift cards used to be taboo, but the times have changed and many people now appreciate the chance to pick their own present. You can even get Adam’s Gift Cards online. Boom. Done.

DON’T: Beauty and Bath Products – DO: Subscription Box

This one is really hit or miss. You truly have to know the person to buy them the right beauty products. It’s almost impossible to guess whether Cousin Beatrice wears or even wants a red matte lipstick from Sephora. Perfumes are also tough to get right because what smells great to you may not suit Aunt Myrtle (who refuses to wear anything but Chanel No. 5). You are better off buying the ladies a beauty subscription box. Then, they can pick and choose the items that fit their preference and style.

DON’T: Quirky Home Decor – DO: Functional Necessities

Quirky, unique gifts for the home often make their way back to the store because they add clutter. Plus, trying to decorate someone’s home is always a risk unless you understand their taste. Instead, stick to more straightforward, functional household items or entertaining gifts. This includes cutting boards, wine decanters, kitchen tools, and other items that people don’t think about replacing or even asking for as a gift. Overall, it makes for a nice gift because they wouldn’t think to buy it for themselves. So, skip the wooden plaque that says, “Hakuna Moscato,” and get something a bit more practical.

You Get a Bad Gift?

We hear ya. After you’re done taking your own returned holiday gifts back to the store, put that leftover money to good use and come to Adam’s for a good meal and even better company. Our Fab 5 Dinner Specials are available Sunday- Thursday from 4-10 PM. Try our Blackened Shrimp Tacos and Smokehouse Chicken Flatbread! We all deserve to celebrate that the stress of the holidays is finally over. Well, until next year at least.