5 Fabulous Traditional Dishes for Easter Dinner

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With spring just around the corner, we are all getting excited about warmer weather, new life blooming everywhere, and those tasty treats around the Easter dinner table. Needless to say, it can be hard to decide on the perfect dishes to serve up to impress and satisfy everyone at your Easter celebration. So, we’ve compiled the perfect list for you. Including an appetizer, a main dish, two sides and dessert, this list contains all the recipes you need to make a fabulous holiday dinner.

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Leftovers 101 – How Long Do They Last?

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What’s the best thing about a holiday meal? The leftovers, of course! Obviously, spending time with friends and family, as well as the delicious holiday cuisine plays a part. However, for a lot of people, eating what’s left over is just as fun. As enjoyable as left-over meals may be, though, you have to think carefully about food safety. How long can you safely nosh on these foods before it’s time to toss them?

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Yummy Holiday Appetizers That Will Make Your Mouth Water

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While classic holiday dishes are great, the same meal line-up every year might leave you feeling uninspired. How about trying something less traditional? Don’t worry. You don’t have to nix the turkey and ham if you don’t want to. There’s another option that’s perfect for testing something new: holiday appetizers! They’re small enough to be creative and yummy, but not steal the spotlight from the main course.

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Annapolis Wedding Reception with Adam’s

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One of our favorite catering events was a wedding reception at the Port of Annapolis. We worked on the menu and planning with the lovely couple for approximately one year. Most importantly, the venue allowed the flexibility of outside catering so Adam’s Grille could step in and provide expert, quality food and even better service. Read on to learn more about this event.

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8 Catering Tips for Your Next Event

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Whether you’re planning a wedding or hosting a corporate event, finding a caterer is probably one of the first items on your to-do list. If so, you’re likely coming up with headcounts and maybe even planning menus. But, before you sign off on all the details, there are some factors you don’t want to overlook. Take your catered event to the next level with these catering tips.

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Winter Dishes to Warm Up with at Adam’s

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When cold weather comes knocking on your door, treating yourself to a warm, hearty dish can help remove the damper of chilly temperatures. So, to help you handle the Severna Park winter, stop by Adam’s Taphouse and Grille. Whether you’re hungry for a classic winter meal or something new, we offer shelter from the cold and an exciting selection of homestyle winter dishes.

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Wedding Catering in Maryland

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One of our most recently catered events was a beautiful wedding at Mayo Beach Park. The wedding, between Laura LeFavor and Brendan Masiar, took place last summer on July 7, 2017. Read on to learn all about the details of their wedding, and get some inspiration for wedding planning and wedding catering in Maryland.

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5 Maryland Event Venues for Your Next Party

5 Maryland Event Venues for Your Next Party The state of Maryland is home to an eclectic variety of beautiful beaches, parks, and scenic views. There is a location for anyone and everyone interested in hosting a party complete with kayaking, swimming, boating and beyond. It can

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