Tricks for Cooking a Perfect Steak on the Stove

Do you crave a no-fuss steak with a juicy center and crisp crust but don’t have a grill? Don’t stress – you can cook great steak on the stove, too. Contrary to common belief, preparing tender juicy steak doesn’t necessarily require a grill. After all, with a few essential steps and tricks, you can enjoy delectably soft and delicious stovetop steak. How so, you might ask? Check out these 5 simple hacks for preparing stellar steak on the stove.

1. The Great Cut

steak on the stove feature

There’s only one way to cook a great stovetop steak: hot and fast.

The first—and probably the most important—step when preparing steak on the stove is choosing a premium quality steak. Ideally, opt for a boneless steak with a thickness of between 1-1.5 inches.

Next, consider the amount of marbling (i.e. the white fat found on meat) on the steak. Select a steak with plenty of marbling as it will help the meat remain juicy throughout the cooking process. Not to mention, it will give your steak that distinctive meaty texture and flavor.

Keep in mind that premium quality steak will cost a bit more. If you have to go with a cheaper cut, marinate it overnight and cook it to medium-rare.

2. The Seasoning

There are two ways you can go about seasoning a steak – you can either do it 30 minutes before searing or a whole day ahead. There are upsides to each method listed below:

  • Salting Steak for 30 Minutes Before Searing This is the best method when you’re preparing your steak on a whim. It seasons the steak nicely and creates a dry surface that’s perfect for searing.
  • Salting Steak 24 Hours Ahead of Searing – Doing this also creates a dry surface for searing. But, there’s the bonus of a higher flavor concentration in the inner tissue of your steak. However, you’ll need lots of room in your refrigerator for this method as you let the seasoned steak air-dry on the cooling rack.

3. The Searing

There’s only one way to cook a great stovetop steak: hot and fast. To begin, heat your heaviest cast iron pan until it starts to smoke before adding the steak. The ultra-high temperature will help to create a crisp crust on the outside, which will add a ton of flavor to your steak.

Keep flipping and moving the steaks every 60 seconds to create a thin but crisp, even crust on the outer tissue. Then, when they’re half-cooked, add a few tablespoons of herbs, aromatics, and butter to create a hot baste for the finishing touches. Finally, using a large spoon, bathe your steaks in the hot butter, all while flipping and moving it around. Do this until you achieve your desired doneness.

4. Spice After Cooking

You will want to avoid the rookie mistake of spicing your meat when seasoning. This is because the ultra-hot pan will burn your spices before the steak has time to absorb them.

5. Ditch the Oil

You might have noticed that this recipe doesn’t mention using oil when searing to prevent your steaks from sticking to the pan. Well, oil inhibits browning, which in turn slows down the searing process. Thus, provided you use a thick cast iron pan, sticking won’t be an issue.

Can’t Prepare Steak on the Stove? No Problem!

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