The Secret to Great Ribs

If you love BBQ, then you most likely enjoy trying new things on the grill. Ribs are a great place to start in cooking something new and tasty. And, learning the secret to great ribs can open the door to a bigger and better summer. Then, you can share and prepare your delicacy with friends and family for many years to come. Below are a few tips to ensure the best ribs you have ever tasted!

secret to great ribs 1


First, let’s start with the preparation and seasoning. Spareribs are an inexpensive cut of meat that you can BBQ, and because they are fatty, they are sensitive when cooking. But, when done right, they offer full flavor. To begin, take a knife and run it down the backside of the meat. You will need to remove the clear membrane from the bone. When left on, the membrane can take on a rubbery consistency. By removing this portion of the meat, you can get to the fat layer. This layer will melt away as the meat cooks, adding to the flavor of the meat. Here is a video that helps show how to do that

Use a Rub or Sauce?

A good dry rub can add intense flavor to any meat, especially ribs. So, be sure to create flavor and give meat the best BBQ taste with a quality rub. Any sugar in the rub will provide a Maillard Reaction. This is when the meat takes on a brown appearance and begins to caramelize. With caramelization, the meat has an added level of flavor, one that is rich and tasty. The Maillard Reaction is what makes the meat taste so good, and will keep you wanting ribs every weekend! A good rub should include a combination of sugar, salt, and spices to provide an all-around flavor.

Adding sauce to ribs is up all to the cook. Some people like dry rub ribs only but for the most part, BBQ sauce adds an extra flavor. Basting the ribs while they cook is a great way to ensure the ribs get that glossy appearance and char. And, you get that deep, smoky flavor when eating as well. There are many ways to sauce ribs as well as sauce options, so you can play with a few different variations until you find the perfect method.


When cooking ribs, you have a few options. The ribs can be wrapped in aluminum foil and baked until tender. Once the ribs are where the meat begins to pull away from the bone, they can move on to the grill. This will give the ribs a char, as well as that smoke flavor you’re after.

You can also choose to cook the ribs on the grill the entire time. With this cooking method, you will need to wrap the ribs in foil, unwrap them, and then baste. Smoking is also an option. This process is done without foil and will include a cooking temperature of low heat for an extended period.

In the end, the secret to great ribs is having a plan. Prepping, seasoning, and cooking. Following these simple steps and finding the flavors you like best will ensure your ribs are tasty every single time! But, if you want to take the night off from cooking, Adam’s has your back. Join us for a half rack or full rack of ribs for dinner tonight. See you soon.