Top Customer Favorites from Adam’s

We like to think that everything on our menu is fantastic, from the mouth-watering appetizers to the savory main courses and everything in between. But, according to our customers, there are a few dishes that knock it out of the park. The patrons have spoken, and we’re rounding up the top customer favorites from Adam’s Taphouse and Grille.

Wings (all of ’em)customer favorites from Adam’s 1

Chicken wings have been seasoned, fried, and eaten since the beginning of time, and they will always be a hit. And, at Adam’s Grille, this is no different. Wings, of all kinds, are meant to be dunked and shared with the whole table! There’s just something rewarding about getting your hands covered in BBQ sauce while knawing into a juicy chicken wing. The only hard part is choosing the flavor!

There’s Gator wings, smoked wings, hog wings, boneless, and spicy wings. Our popular Gator wings are baked, simmered in beer and gator sprinkle, and then grilled in our famous Hawg sauce. The only thing you’ll need to make the wings even tastier is a side of bleu cheese and celery.

Rack of Ribs

customer favorites from Adam’s 2

Of course, our ribs remain an unrivaled crowd-pleaser! That’s because our handmade BBQ sauce and fall-off-the-bone ribs are just too good to pass up. And, while you may come in intending to try something different on the menu, we know it’s tough to overlook a sure thing.

Indeed, even though we are more than just ribs, we are still rooted in our Adam’s Ribs tradition. So, whether you lean towards a half rack or full rack of ribs platter, you can always expect the baby back ribs to be sweet, tender, and tasty. Not to mention, messy!

Pulled Pork BBQ

customer favorites from Adam’s 3

We can’t overlook the smoky and flavorful customer favorite: Pulled Pork BBQ. The tasty sandwich is filled with tender braised pork pulled from the bone, chopped and piled high on a French round roll with Adam’s BBQ sauce. Plus, you can select your choice of Adam’s Pig Pickin’ sauce or Adam’s Hawg Sauce to top it off. And, as always, your dish comes with a side of french fries and slaw.

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