Cooking with Craft Beer This Holiday Season

Whether you’re the seasoned chef for your holiday get-togethers or embarking on your first holiday dinner, knowing what you’re going to cook is important. You want the food to be enjoyed, so why not kick it up a notch this year? Cooking with craft beer is a wonderful way to enhance flavor and add new levels of enjoyment to your holiday meals. And, with such a wide variety of beers to choose from, you’ll have no trouble finding a flavor profile that leaves your taste buds singing.

Craft Beer Main Courses

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Thanksgiving is not complete without a turkey, and Christmas certainly calls for one honey ham. Here are some suggestions on how to take these classics to the next level. If you aren’t a fan of the beers below, take a look at TapHunter for some other options!

1. Cider-Glazed Turkey with Lager Gravy

This turkey will have your family bragging all the way to Christmas day. Rather than bringing the bird, a tasteful combination of a salt rub and cider-infused butter brings the flavor to every bite. In this recipe, the turkey will roast in the oven after its stuffed with apples, garlic, and jalapenos. Although, what makes this delicious meal even better is the lager-spiked gravy on top. Try using Flying Dog Dogtoberfest for the lager. It creates a perfect balance between spice and sweetness, making it a great pairing with turkey.

2. Pressure Cooker Beer-Braised Pulled Ham

With a little twist on the Christmas ham, this recipe creates a mouthwatering dish to enjoy by itself or as a sandwich, depending on your preference. The ham is pressure cooked in a mixture of beer, German mustard, rosemary, and pepper to give it a nice, tangy taste. A good beer choice for ham is one that is lighter, such as Blue Moon Belgian White. It has a hint of spiced orange that pairs well with the naturally sweet flavor of ham.

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Sensational Side Dishes

No meal is complete without a side dish to compliment the main course. You can’t have the meat without the potatoes, right? Thus, we present to you two new, fresh, and exciting recipes to amp up your side dish game. Of course, lest we not forget the craft beer!

1. Swiss Beer Bread

Trade out the rolls for this delectable beer bread recipe. It’s melt-in-your-mouth fantastic, thanks to the Jarlsberg and Swiss cheese in the dough. Moreover, the beer helps create a fluffy texture which makes this bread the perfect side dish. Specifically, we suggest using DuClaw Mad Bishop, as the malty flavor won’t be lost after baking.

2. Beer-Braised Potatoes with Rosemary Beer Gravy

This is a simple potato dish, but the flavor is unbeatable. To begin, you will cook the potato wedges in a mixture of butter, beer, and seasonings. Then, coat them with a delightful, chicken-based gravy. In fact, the potatoes go perfectly with both turkey and ham, making them a great addition to your dinner. For the beer, try using Founders Mosaic Promise. This light amber beer has a touch of barley that matches well with the earthy flavor of potatoes.

Just Desserts

Wrap up your dinner with this sensational take on tiramisu. While it may not be known as a traditional holiday dessert, it’s still a great option for closing out your fabulous meal. This dessert recipe focuses on bold flavors with a ginger-spice cake and the familiar, rich taste of tiramisu. For the stout, we recommend Guinness Draught. The roasted flavor from the malt will help bring out the flavor of the ginger in the cake.

Booze Up Your Holiday Dinners with Craft Beer

After all, cooking with craft beer is the perfect way to revamp holiday dinner classics. So, this year, try something new and make your meals delicious and unforgettable. Of course, Adam’s Grille knows all about pairing beers with our barbecue selection. Our craft beer menu is stacked, and we’ll be happy to give you a break from cooking. Visit us today!