5 Winter Beers You Need to Try

Nothing tastes better on cold winter nights than some craft beer fresh from the tap. Leave the light, fruity kinds behind with summer. As we get deeper into winter, it’s time for the heavy, darker beers to take center stage. So, as you relax around the dinner table, try out some of these winter beers to keep your spirits bright.  

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Bell’s Cherry Stout

Bell’s Brewery knows how to capture the flavors of the season. They have a range of winter beers, but one of the most notable is their Cherry Stout. It’s made from 100% Montmorency cherries, which give the drink a tart flavor. And, with malty dark chocolate notes, can anyone say chocolate-covered cherries? It’s nice and warm and pairs well with savory dishes, such as salmon and BBQ. It also tastes great alongside any of your favorite holiday desserts, including chocolate and fudge.

Heavy Seas Schnee Boot Beer

Heavy Seas Beer is a brewing company based in Arlington, Virginia that specializes in bold flavor. Their Schnee Boot brew is so perfect for winter that it even has a polar bear on the label. It was inspired by Antarctic exploration and stands for Snow Boat. The beer tastes dark, malty and roasty. Hints of cocoa, vanilla, and dark fruits help warm you up from the cold in all the right ways. And, because it’s a German-style lager, go ahead — raise your glass and cheer Fröhliche Weihnachten!

Heavy Seas Cutlass Beer

Another good winter beer from Heavy Seas is their Cutlass brew. Cutlass is a Vienna-style lager with a toasted, biscuity character. It actually tastes so good that it’s Heavy Seas most award-winning beer. It goes great with the hearty comfort meals you enjoy all season long. Heavy Seas recommends you drink it with sausage, sauerkraut or soft pretzels, but we think it tastes good with anything.  
winter beers duclaw

DuClaw Sweet Baby Jesus

If you celebrate Christmas, then you know it’s all about the birth of Jesus. So of course, it’s only fitting to crack open a bottle of the aptly-named DuClaw Sweet Baby Jesus. But, you don’t have to be religious to enjoy this beer’s great taste. It’s a jet-black complex porter with a creamy mouthfeel. As soon it hits your taste buds, you’ll get notes of chocolate, coffee, and peanut butter. Who needs holiday desserts when you have this?

Samuel Adams

Treat yourself to something familiar with a bottle of Samuel Adams. The Boston lager full-bodied brew is a classic winter favorite. Its robust, rich flavor goes down smooth every time to top off the holidays. So, grab your buddies, sip on some Sam Adams and kick those winter blues.

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